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 * input.c
 * This file is part of LCDd, the lcdproc server.
 * This file is released under the GNU General Public License. Refer to the
 * COPYING file distributed with this package.
 * Copyright      (c) 1999, William Ferrell, Scott Scriven
 *          (c) 2001, 2002, Rene Wagner
 * Handles keypad (and other?) input from the user.


  Currently, the keys are as follows:

  Context     Key      Function
  -------     ---      --------
  Normal               "normal" context is handled in this source file.
              A        Pause/Continue
              B        Back(Go to previous screen)
              C        Forward(Go to next screen)
              D        Open main menu
              E-Z      Sent to client, if any; ignored otherwise

 (menu keys are not handled here, but in the menu code)
              A        Enter/select
              B        Up/Left
              C        Down/Right
              D        Exit/Cancel
              E-Z      Ignored

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

#include "shared/sockets.h"
#include "shared/report.h"

#include "drivers/lcd.h"
#include "drivers.h"

#include "client_data.h"
#include "clients.h"
#include "screen.h"
#include "widget.h"
#include "screenlist.h"
#include "menus.h"

#include "input.h"

#define KeyWanted(a,b)  ((a) && strchr((a), (b)))
#define CurrentScreen   screenlist_current
#define FirstClient(a)  (client *)LL_GetFirst(a);
#define NextClient(a)   (client *)LL_GetNext(a);

int server_input (int key);

int freepausekey = DEFAULT_FREEPAUSEKEY;
int freebackkey = DEFAULT_FREEBACKKEY;
int freeforwardkey = DEFAULT_FREEFORWARDKEY;
int freemainmenukey = DEFAULT_FREEMAINMENUKEY;

/* FIXME!  The server tends to crash when "E" is pressed..  (?!)
 * (but only when the joystick driver is the last one on the list...)

/* Checks for keypad input, and dispatches it*/
handle_input ()
      char str[15];
      int key;
      screen *s;
      /*widget *w;*/
      client *c;

      if ((key = drivers_getkey ()) == 0)
            return 0;

      /*debug (RPT_DEBUG, "handle_input(%c)", (char) key);*/

      /* Sequence:
       *    Does the current screen want the key?
       *    IfTrue: Let the current screen handle it
       *    IfFalse:
       *        Let the first client that wants the key handle it
       *    Finally let the server handle all key presses, too

      /* NOTE: The INPUT_* keys (A,B,C,D) should only be requested
       *       by a screen or client to be informed when a key is
       *       pressed e.g. to enter the server menu.
       *       Those keys should not be used to really cause the
       *       client to do something useful.

      /* TODO:  Interpret and translate keys!*/

      /* Give current screen a shot at the key first*/
      s = CurrentScreen ();

      if ( s && (KeyWanted(s->keys, key)) ) {
            /* This screen wants this key.  Tell it we got one*/
            snprintf(str, sizeof(str), "key %c\n", key);
            sock_send_string(s->parent->sock, str);
            /* The server gets this key as well*/

      else {
            /* Give the key to the first client that wants it*/

            c = FirstClient(clients);

            while (c) {
                  /* If the client wants this keypress...*/
                  if(KeyWanted(c->data->client_keys,key)) {
                        /* Send keypress to client*/
                        snprintf(str, sizeof(str), "key %c\n", key);
                        sock_send_string(c->sock, str);
                        break;      /* first come, first serve*/
                  c = NextClient(clients);
            } /* while clients*/

      /* Give server a shot at all keys */
      server_input (key);

      return 0;

server_input (int key)
      debug (RPT_INFO, "server_input(%c)", (char) key);
      report(RPT_INFO, "key %d pressed on device", key);

      switch ((char) key) {
            case INPUT_PAUSE_KEY:
                  if (!freepausekey) {
                        if (screenlist_action == SCR_HOLD)
                              screenlist_action = 0;
                              screenlist_action = SCR_HOLD;
            case INPUT_BACK_KEY:
                  if (!freebackkey) {
                        screenlist_action = SCR_BACK;
                        screenlist_prev ();
            case INPUT_FORWARD_KEY:
                  if (freeforwardkey==0) {
                        screenlist_action = SCR_SKIP;
                        screenlist_next ();
            case INPUT_MAIN_MENU_KEY:
                  if (freemainmenukey==0) {
                        debug (RPT_DEBUG, "got the menu key!");
                        server_menu ();
                  debug (RPT_DEBUG, "server_input: Unused key \"%c\" (%i)", (char) key, key);

      return 0;

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