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#ifndef LCD_H
#define LCD_H

// Maximum supported sizes
#define LCD_MAX_WIDTH 256
#define LCD_MAX_HEIGHT 256

// Standard supported sizes
#define LCD_STD_WIDTH 20
#define LCD_STD_HEIGHT 4

void lcd_list_drivers (void);
int lcd_init (char *args);
int lcd_add_driver (char *driver, char *args);
int lcd_shutdown ();

// Driver functions / info held here...
// Feel free to override any/all functions here with real driver
// functions...
typedef struct lcd_logical_driver {
      // Size in cells of the LCD
      int wid, hgt;
      // Size of each LCD cell, in pixels
      int cellwid, cellhgt;
      // Frame buffer...
      char *framebuf;

      // Daemonizable?  Usually yes...
      int daemonize;

      // Pointer to next input function...
      //lcd_logical_driver *nextkey;
      void *nextkey;

      // Functions which might be the same for all drivers...
      void (*clear) ();
      void (*string) (int x, int y, char lcd[]);

      void (*chr) (int x, int y, char c);
      void (*vbar) (int x, int len);
      void (*hbar) (int x, int y, int len);
      void (*init_num) ();
      void (*num) (int x, int num);

      // Functions which should probably be implemented in each driver...
      int (*init) (struct lcd_logical_driver * driver, char *args);
      void (*close) ();
      void (*flush) ();
      void (*flush_box) (int lft, int top, int rgt, int bot);
      int (*contrast) (int contrast);
      void (*backlight) (int on);
      void (*output) (int on);
      void (*set_char) (int n, char *dat);
      void (*icon) (int which, char dest);
      void (*init_vbar) ();
      void (*init_hbar) ();
      void (*draw_frame) ();

      // Returns 0 for "no key pressed", or (A-Z).
      char (*getkey) ();

      // Returns pointer to static string.
      char * (*getinfo) ();

      // Puts up a heartbeat...
      void (*heartbeat) (int type);
      // more?

      // Config file functions, filled by server
      unsigned char (*config_get_bool)    (char * sectionname, char * keyname,
                        int skip, unsigned char default_value);
      long int (*config_get_int)    (char * sectionname, char * keyname,
                        int skip, long int default_value);
      double (*config_get_float) (char * sectionname, char * keyname,
                        int skip, double default_value);
      char *(*config_get_string) (char * sectionname, char * keyname,
                        int skip, char * default_value);
                        // Returns a string in server memory space.
                        // Copy this string.
      int (*config_has_section) (char *sectionname);
      int (*config_has_key)   (char *sectionname, char *keyname);

      // Driver private data
      int (*store_private_ptr) (struct lcd_logical_driver * driver, void * private_data);
      void * private_data;    // Filled by server by calling store_private_ptr()
                        // Driver should cast this to it's own
                        // private structure pointer

} lcd_logical_driver;

typedef struct lcd_physical_driver {
      char *name;
      int (*init) (struct lcd_logical_driver * driver, char *device);
} lcd_physical_driver;

//extern lcd_logical_driver lcd;
extern lcd_logical_driver *lcd_ptr;

int * lcd_find_init (char *driver);


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